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Elder Scrolls BETA Invites PS4

Have you been invited to test Elder Scrolls Online closed beta yet? Don’t worry, you won’t break NDA as you’re anonymous.

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“WTF Zenimax?!? Where’s my BETA invite? Stop stalling!!”, that seems to be the typical sentiment coming from the internet as of late. After all, if this poll tells us anything it’s that there is a lot of anxious TES fans out there. If you’ve got a mad itch for BETA I think it’s best you just slap some cream on there, because forecasts tell us the exclusivity of BETA has been prolonged thanks to the game being pushed back to Spring 2014.  As an MMO veteran who has volunteered for many BETAs in the past, let me offer up a little wisdom. You don’t want to get into BETA as badly as you think. BETA is a chore. You spend time playing an incomplete product, putting up with bugs and glitches, and for what? If you’ve ever participated in an MMO BETA you’ll know that you don’t get to keep the characters you made during the BETA test.  All that progression you make in a BETA test means nothing. Player characters are wiped before the game ever launches, so really, what has a BETA tester accomplished, aside from spoiling the game? So, before you go to the Elder Scrolls Facebook page and start complaining again, ask yourself this. Do you really want BETA, or do you just want to play the final product at launch?

– Josh


  1. Saiya Darkfire June 16, 2013 10:13 pm 

    i would like to participate in beta but i rally would like to play the final product but not very happy its been pushed bk for consoles id rather it come out on pc and then console afterwords. i dont see why pc should suffer to wait longer than it should to wait for console version . i play everything besides xbox but a game like this is a defanate pc game for me.

  2. Andrew Boudrot June 16, 2013 10:47 pm 

    You absolutely right it would just spoil the game and all the progression you make just gets wiped. But playing it would be pretty cool though you’d have to admit. And you get also be a step ahead of everybody when it comes out cause you’d be more experianced and would know what to do.

  3. James Derocher June 16, 2013 11:07 pm 

    “I really want beta” – me :] … (for the sake of progression, leveling techniques, finding data to efficiently use the economy, fastest pvp farming techniques, etc. I see BETA as an early advantage to gathering min/maxing intel – but maybe that’s just coming from a hardcore PvP GM who takes pride in competitive advantages.

  4. Shadanwolf June 16, 2013 11:47 pm 

    Every time I learn something new about this game it’s informing me that the developers took another step in what I think is the wrong direction.My answer…mininize anything I hear about this game and check in 2014 to see what it turned out to be .

  5. VegnaChaos June 17, 2013 12:13 am 

    well said Josh 🙂 beta is a major chore im not fussed if i get in or not tbh and the only reason i wanna get in is to help test the game for Zenimax and help get rid of bugs and glitches so we can all enjoy and nice polished game together 😀

  6. Alaxor June 17, 2013 6:10 am 

    Yeah I’m kind of with Josh on this one. I’ve been involved in a few betas in my time and it has really ruined the excitement of when the game actually releases – well, more the extreme excitement when you first load it and level through the starting zone which you may have already done before but in beta.

    That first starter area..? IMO, that’s where you either get hooked or not and if you’ve done it before a few times….

    But of course, would be cool to get involved and help test the pants off this game! 😀

  7. RazrVII June 17, 2013 3:55 pm 

    I definitely want into the beta. I want to get in there and give as much feedback as I can on the issues I come across. Also if ZoS doesn’t allow for endgame testing (where they auto level to max and allow full skill unlocks) they are killing themselves. This poll shows their lack of public testing and should really begin to spread they net across a much larger pool, else they condemn themselves to a poor experience for their player-base at the endgame. So, yes. Yes I would like to get into beta. Gotta do my part to keep the devs on track 😛

  8. David Harden June 17, 2013 3:56 pm 

    Having played a few Betas I totally agree with you. Betas are work! They are not fun. If you want to participate in game development, Betas are hair-pulling experiences. Frustration reigns. When it is all over the tester is likely to say, “Why did they do it that way? They should have listened to me!” LOL If you love development and the struggle that goes with it, then you will have “fun” Beta testing. Ask yourself: “Do I love picking up trash and weeding the garden?”

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