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On average, how many hours a week do you spend gaming?

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We all enjoy games for different reasons. For some of us, mowing down enemies by the hundreds is our way of relaxing. For others, gaming is a social experience where we can make friendships forged in the fires of virtual warfare. For people like me games are an escape. Since man put pen to paper, we’ve had no problems with sharing our dreams of far away places. A game can take us on a journey we’ve never been before, a universe full of people to meet and places to see. We live lives of adventure, the likes of which are only possible in the virtual world. No matter your reasons, no matter your background, people who enjoy these experiences get the same collective label, “gamer”.

So how many hours are you willing to dedicate to the virtual space? I’d say that all depends on the person. Real life obligations and aspirations have a way of limiting the time we can spend letting our imaginations run wild in a game. I for one don’t have nearly as much time as I’d like to spend playing games, and currently I fall well within the lower bracket of hours spent gaming; however, I will always find the time. Without the raw creativity and imagination I get from games I know my life would be made a little more dim, and before you go thinking these are the words of an ambition-less basement dweller, think again. As a man once said, “Imagination rules the world”.

– Josh


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  1. Cryzeteur June 17, 2013 4:11 pm 

    The day I retired I said, “Now I can play games!” LOL so… I do play a lot, but I discovered how much fun it is to mod, so I do that a lot as well.

    Ever since people began story-telling, listeners/readers have loved to adventure into exoctic situations, stories, worlds. However, before pictures helped define your environments, peoples imaginations ran wild. Everyone had their own vision. Each perception was different. Movies and gaming helps define a single vision so gamers can participate in the same experience. Individual experiences are still unique, but we can share our experiences with others in an MMO.

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