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Hey, I was just wondering if you guys knew anything about what happens when you die in ESO? I’ve looked on so many videos online, and I couldn’t find anything that you or anyone else has previously done! If you know anything I’d love to hear it, but if not no worries!

– Glen Glover

We’ve covered this a long time ago. Basically, when you die you’re given 2 choices. Either revive where you died with a debuff or resurrect at a Wayshrine and run back. You don’t lose any gear or money.


Hello there, How would i go about signing up to join your guild in ESO? The elder scrolls have been my favorite game series ever. I have many tattoos from the games and lore. I am currently building a computer so i will be able to run this game very well. Look forward to seeing you guys in game!

– Kendrick Whittington

There are no signups, just look out for announcements close to game launch for more info.


Hi, my name is John i am a fan of the TES serie and the new game Elder Scrolls Online. i have a question i have heard different stuffs from every person some peoples say they will have raid other not. how is it really will they have raids in the game becouse of that would be great..???

– John Ahlvik

There’s raids, they just don’t call them raids because they aren’t in dungeons and don’t consist of a final large boss. Large group activities is what they refer to them as. They are within Adventure Zones and will consist of several battles at once that will require the group to split up to handle it all.


We’ve talked a lost about character roles such as Tank, Healer and DPS. I also understand we’ve talked about specific class skills like CC and Synergy. My question is do you think ESO will implement a support class? Im not talking about a support heal we could see in WoW but will there be enough support abilities to fill an actual support role? My biggest example is FFXI Bard, the Job was literally a role that ran around and play songs that would boost attack speed and magic regen. I understand a lot of people probably don’t find such a role enjoyable but I love it.

– Cameron Hunt

There won’t be anymore classes announced as far as we know. I have a feeling that at least one of the PvP skill lines will include heavy support skills for your group. I wouldn’t mind a few support skills myself since I’ll be doing some heals. I enjoyed the Shaman in WoW and Spirit Master/Paragon in GW1 which was all support classes. Hopefully we will see at least a few different skill lines to suit your taste. ZOS does listen to their fanbase so hit the forums, Twitter and the FB and see if you can get others to support your wishes.


Hey guys,
first of all, dont worry about my name (its dutch), just call me N7.
But I was wondering if you guys are able to give some advice for a stealth/assassination team. The problem also is that i’m gonne play a high elf mage for healing. so my question is: is it a good idea and do you have any advice. btw there is alsways place for a khajiit and a stealt thank (assist).
Btw u guys are awesome (skipped good and great)

– Pirre Kennes

The game is designed so that you can play how you want, regardless if it’s the most viable build. If you want to play a steathy healing mage, go for it. I’m actually playing a Nightblade Khajiit with dual swords and restoration staff for healing. Keep in mind that weapon swapping also swaps your skills so it’s very easy to play 2 different builds with the same character.


Hey Shoddy cast I just had a question I watched the first video that incorporated the Wamasu (When it comes out from behind a water fall and bull rushes some players) and i couldn’t help but notice that one of the players appeared to have orcish armor and this is in Black Marsh so do you think that could be maybe he just reached the smithing level that allows the crafting of orcish gear or maybe we could travel into other zones (enemy zones) i wanted your opinion on this

– Anthony Hircine

It’s been confirmed that players can craft ALL types of armor.


I don’t know which alliance I should join I’m deciding either Ebonheart Pact or Aldmeri Dominion. Ebonheart Pact because there is so much more space there. Aldmeri Dominion because the Shoddy Cast is joining and I love the reasons on why they should be controlling Cyrodil. Which side?

– Andrew Aziz

I wouldn’t choose based on land area. Most of the Black Marsh (Argonia) is not explorable due to many things including lore. Apparently the same will be true with Summerset Isle. They are probably doing this to keep land area fairly similar in size among all Factions. Keep in mind that cross-faction guilds are not confirmed so you don’t have to be in AD to join the SC guild. I would choose based on what race I wanted to play the most.


Hey SC, was just wondering how much is currently known about ranged combat with regards to different types of weapon? I mean, will there be a long range slow and heavy longbow sniping style vs a closer combat fast and furious shortbow style?

– Callum Hoare

From what we’ve seen and heard, there’s only one skill line for all bows regardless of what kind of bow it may be or look like. So there may be bows that look recurved, long, short or horned but they all behave the same and the difference is only in aesthetics. We hear you can shoot very quickly by single clicks or power shot by holding the mouse button down. Hopefully they will tighten up the system before launch.


Hello shoddy cast I have a question that has yet to be addressed with my research. On eso I would like to play a one handed weapon user, with no off hand equipment. will i get one handed weapon skills that are specialized for just having one weapon equipped? It would be cool to see my character for using his offhand for some skills! 
Thanks a bunch you have a great thing going looking forward to meting you guys on the battle field!

– Chris Gonzales

You’ll be at a disadvantage by only using 1 1-handed weapon. I believe using just 1 sword would level your sword/shield skill line but I’m not 100% sure. The game is not like Skyrim where you have to have a free hand to cast magic. It’s more like Oblivion where you can cast magic regardless of weapons equipped. You’re better off using both hands for the increased stats.


Hey guys, love the work you do. Have you noticed a slight correlation between Skyrim and ESO yet? The Nords Argonians and Dunmer all live in Windhelm in TES V snd are allied in ESO. Conspiracy!

– Jack Hall

No conspiracy. The races were matched based on location more than anything else. The lore was developed to explain these alliances but the fact that they reside next to eachother is the main reason.




  1. kyle June 9, 2013 5:53 pm 

    Hey shoddy im wondering what kind of weapons your hoping for and also are there going to be throwing knives.

    • Kyle June 10, 2013 4:41 am 

      There’s the same weapons as in Skyrim. There’s skill lines for 2-handed, sword/shield, dual wield, restoration staff and destruction staff. There’s a skill that throws knives but there’s no weapon type. -Kyle

  2. Paul June 9, 2013 6:52 pm 

    I have a couple of questions

    First, in the crafting and exsploration video they said you will be able to add ingredience to an object you are smithing. So will you be able to add soul gems? It would be cool to have weapons that charge there own enchantments.

    Second, Will it be like skyrim when you only have a few armor slots or will it be like Morrowind were you could choose your individual pants, gloves, shoulder, ect. I’m a big boy and I want to choose pants separate from the breastplate.

    Thank you.

    • Kyle June 10, 2013 4:44 am 

      There’s more slots than Skyrim but less than Morrowind unless you count costume and disguise slots. There’s ingredients to make the gear and additives to improve it. Soul gems are for enchanting.

  3. John Shaw June 9, 2013 8:00 pm 

    Hi shoddycast! I was wondering what you knew about NPCs will they just stand still and only ever be in one place? Will they have markers above their heads to indicate quests and what not?And will there be any random encounters with NPCs such as bandits or M’aiq the liar?(I seriously want this guy in the game)

    • Kyle June 10, 2013 4:46 am 

      Yes and no, no, yes and possibly? 🙂

  4. Snæbjörn Máni June 9, 2013 9:53 pm 

    Hi, I was wondering if you will be able to perform the black sacrament or join the dark brotherhood? Also, will M’aiq the liar be in the game?

    • Kyle June 10, 2013 4:47 am 

      Don’t know. Dark Brotherhood isn’t in the game until after launch and don’t know about M’aiq but probably.

  5. Jon Waldron June 9, 2013 11:50 pm 

    Hello. As we know all of the other crafting has been in TES for awhile now (Smithing, Enchantments, etc), however, Provision is new. Considering you can create food and drinks with this crafting, do you know if there a system where players need to eat or will Provision products just act as buffs? If the first is true, will players begin to weaken (stamina) the longer they go without eating?

    • Kyle June 10, 2013 4:50 am 

      Provisioner isn’t new, really. Cooking as been around. In ESO it definitely does more. Cooking will grant long duration buffs that can only be obtained through this method. There’s no hunger in the game.

  6. Oleg June 10, 2013 4:22 pm 

    Hey Shoddycast. I recently joined the club, so to speak, and am very impressed with your work. My question reqarding ESO is the following: is there any information about guild housing? Because I remember you said in one of your videos that there is no player housing, but is there maybe some strongholds or something like that that the guilds will hold?

  7. High elf June 10, 2013 7:30 pm 

    I am going to say hi Kyle since josh obviously doesn’t care enough to answer any of our questions.Above you said once you are lvl 15 you can swap skill in your hot bar does that include ultimate abilities? Also will we see the same racial bonuses as we did in skyrim thxs. For the queen, more elves more fun:p

  8. captaing25 June 10, 2013 7:52 pm 

    hello shoddycast is there going to anution houses in ESO and if so how will it be done cos i have played some games were ive standed at the anution house waiting for players to bring up stuff i want and i didnt really like it cos i wanted to expolre the world isnt of siting there for ages i would rather have it like you put up ur stuff if you had stuff to sell or anution and then u search for what you want and its all in list so for example you scroll down to potions and all the poitons are there and you look though the poitons till you fond one you want and it would show you the potions which you selected and then you buy it for lets say 5 coins or how much the other player though it was worth and if it didnt sell the player would get it back on how long the player had it up there for and if the player decied to take it off he could go into his selling and take it off the aniton house

  9. captaing25 June 10, 2013 7:54 pm 

    by the way ur awsome shoddycast

  10. Bane June 10, 2013 11:41 pm 

    Hello Kyle! and or Sc member i have not seen this question before and i cant find it anywhere so When creating your players name will numbers be aloud? such as Hotdogman/Hotdogman1 or will that drift away from the originality of names? and also how will carrying weight be dealt with will you stop and be completely immobile like oblivion or be extremely slow like in skyrim thanks guys appreciate the work and effort you guys do to bring us updates!

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