Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – Cross Faction Guilds Confirmed

Paul Sage Skype’s Germany and spills the beans about cross faction guilds, scalable mounts, and more! Pull out the goat leg and spiced wine, because it’s time for another round of ESO Weekly!

7 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – Cross Faction Guilds Confirmed

  • Bane

    I Absolutely dissapointed with this Cross-Faction guilds. Can someone explain to me how this works out?

  • Jared

    @Bane You cannot interact with people in the same guild that are cross faction. You can communicate with them but you cannot find them in game unless you create a character on their faction. Guilds are account that way you can continue to chat with your guildmates when you are leveling an alt on a different faction. I believe this cross faction guild update was intended to encourage solid social groups in game, to create a real feeling of community. Did this help Bane?

  • The Human Floyd

    Don’t listen to those weak blooded fools. You insult the Dragonborns by not shouting at the top of your voice.

  • Joe Freimuth

    Honestly, I haven’t expected information that will really hit and hurt me, but guys, Matt Smith won’t be the doctor any longer? His performance somehow impaired with his new companion. He was much better in his first episode when he asked if the planet was in danger before and then confronts that alien space ship on his own without TARDIS or sonic screwdriver and said: “Basically run!”. And they ran. I shed tears in that moment. Tennant on the other hand got better the longer he was doctor. Still it hurts learning he won’t be the doctor any more. I guess that was the most painful episode of Shoddy Cast so far.

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