Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – 1st Person Combat Gameplay

“True” TES First Person is here! Zenimax Online Studios threw some new gameplay footage at us this week and old school Elder Scrolls fans have a lot to be happy about. Kyle and Josh give you their thoughts as they break down the new gameplay frame by frame.


  1. Talsik June 1, 2013 3:03 pm 

    I want to do everything First Person so I am going to start out all my solo play First person. I am hoping that by getting used to game mechanics that way when I get to PVP and Raiding I can be effective using First person mode. I have to admit though that if I can not get used to it I will switch to Third person for PVP and Raids.

  2. Adsew June 1, 2013 3:31 pm 

    Hey their ShoddyCast! I’ve got two thought provoking questions for you. 1) Elder Scrolls games (except sadly Skyrim…) have debuffs to accompany powerful bonuses when it came to birth signs, racial traits, or even vampirism, such as the Altmer bonus and weakness to magicka. Do you think these should be implemented in ESO? For an MMO, the typical permanent buff/debuff would be under 5%, so realistic and lore friendly debuffs could be applicable. I really want to know what you think of vampirism in an MMO environment. Sunlight damage, for example, might be… controversial.

    2) Also, aside from just “gold”, what do you think gold should be called since the Septim line does not yet exist? Or does it already have a name?

  3. TheShade June 1, 2013 8:56 pm 

    Im going to try and play the game totally in first person especially in pvp because the feel of being in a giant battle in that perspective would be the most immersive moment i ever would have played.

  4. Devhook June 2, 2013 6:06 am 

    If you haven’t checked out dragons dogma you should, it has most of the gameplay features you guys were hoping for, the scarred grimy monsters in dungeons, I rarely did anything at night in game because it was just too scary

  5. superconductive June 2, 2013 11:41 am 

    Hey ShoddyCast.

    Don’t you think it will be difficult to play most of the game in 1st person and then quickly re-adjust your brain to 3rd person when it comes to PVP?

    Also, what does it matter whether someone’s playing 1st vs. 3rd-person in a group? As long as they’re good it simply does NOT matter how they choose to play the game. I play Chivalry medieval warfare (a PVP game) entirely in 1st person and still top the scoreboard most of the time. Second, what makes you think they will be truthful about it?

    For me it’s 1st person all the way!

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