Elder Scrolls Online – First Look at Gathering and Exploration (Breakdown)

Zenimax Online Studios just released this sexy new video showing off their TES-style crafting system in the Elder Scrolls Online, as well as how rewarding exploring Tamriel can be.

Wow. How can so much goodness be contained in one 1:30 long video? Let’s break it down to see what we’ve learned.

Elder Scrolls Online Gathering

This may not be a new piece of news, but it is such a welcomed sight in an MMO that I have to draw your attention to it. See those delicious apples in that basket right there? In an average MMO those would be the modern equivalent of plastic apples, but The Elder Scrolls Online isn’t shaping up to be your average MMO is it? In keeping true to the Elder Scrolls name, in ESO gathering is organic.  See an apple you need for your stew? Go grab it straight off a merchant’s cart. This is just one example of how ESO strives to bring the “RP” back to “MMORPG”. We know Zenimax wants to take this system even further in the future by featuring a crime system in the game, but sadly we won’t see that until after launch.  I say, “Launch can wait Zenimax! I’ll wait as long as it takes. Give me CONSEQUENCES or give me death!”. That said, I’ll be happily swiping sweet rolls off tables in the meantime.

Elder Scrolls Online Fishing AnimationI’m not big into fishing myself. Why would I want to spend time in a game doing something that I find boring in real life? That said. I’m so glad fishing made it into the Elder Scrolls Online. Why? Because it’s something else to do while I kick back with other Elder Scrolls gamers. Luckily for fishing fans everywhere, you’ll actually have to engage you brain when you go to fish. Looking to catch a slaughterfish? You’ll have to bait the hook to suit the fish.

ESO Alchemy Table

In this video we got a glimpse of the various crafting tables available to us in The Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you are brewing a potion, or enchanting a sword, you’ll have to have your journeyman tools at the ready. It is safe to assume these tables will be available in all the major towns and cities, but I hope Zenimax takes it a step further by decorating other locations with said tables. If I’m raiding a coven of witches, I should surely find an enchanter’s table close by.

TESO Cooking Profession

Seriously, how funny was that cooking animation?

ESO Reading a Lore Book

The book is titled, “Cheeses of Tamriel” by Master Chef Gilbard Larocque, and it is one of the many books you will find as a lore master of Tamriel. After a quick google search I discovered this is in fact a new book we’ve never seen before. I’m glad to see Zenimax is not only including the books we’ve seen in previous games, but writing new ones. We know these books will in fact be tied to the Mages Guild questline.

Elder Scrolls Mundus Stone

Mundus stones give us “special powers”.  Gee Zenimax, could you be anymore vague? We know Mundus Stones are kind of ESO’s version of Guardian Stones, from Skyrim, but anything beyond that would be speculation.

Elder Scrolls Online Skyshard Location

Skyshards are stones that will dot the landscape of Tamriel, and they will reward explorers with an extra skill point to spend. This system seems to work like Guild Wars 2 and their “skill events”; however, in this case we need only find the Skyshard and absorb it’s energy to gain a skill point.

ESO Lockpicking

Thieves, assassins, and adventures. Behold! The Lockpicking system in the Elder Scrolls Online. Notice the classic TES-style tumblers we are used to seeing from our time spent in Cyrodiil. But wait, what is this? A timer? Are you saying we can’t sit there for hours working on the same lock? Interesting. Oh, and look. Press “R” and you can use your Lockpicking skill to force the lock. That looks familiar. Also, judging by this still frame, we can see locks will all have their own levels.  For instance, this one here has a lock level of “Simple”.

So, what do we think ladies and gentlemen? Are we excited about gathering and exploration in The Elder Scrolls Online? What about this video did you like the most? Leave a comment, and don’t forget to tune into the ShoddyCast tomorrow where Kyle and I will break down the entire video to squeeze out every nugget of info we can.

– Josh


  1. ma May 17, 2013 6:27 am 

    It looks like the Sims… Don’t argue with me, you know I’m right. Cooking animation was very anticlimactic

  2. Muffle Much May 17, 2013 12:12 pm 

    The more info they release about this game, the better it sounds. Can’t wait for E3, hopefully they’ll release a gameplay demo video, similar to the one todd howard done for Skyrim.

  3. TheShade May 17, 2013 6:12 pm 

    I perfer the skyrim lock picking system than oblivion, because it was more simple yet still could be very hard.

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