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Hello everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve had an actual article so I figured I’d shed some light on Wayshrines in Cyrodiil (Open-world PvP).

So we’ve talked about this topic before and more news has come out about it which we covered here. I just figured I’d satiate your information-sponge of a brain by throwing my thoughts at it on how ZOS is handling things in this category.

First off, for those not familiar with what a Wayshrine is, they are like portals that you can warp to and from. If you’ve played Guild Wars 2, they are like waypoints. If you’ve played past Elder Scrolls games, they are another, more restricted form of fast travel.

Before we only knew that there would be Wayshrines in Cyrodiil. We didn’t know if there would be any other restrictions on them besides those found on Wayshrine in PvE. If you’re not familiar with those, then let me break it down a bit. You can only use Wayshrines that you have already unlocked by walking next to them. After they have been activated, you can travel to that Wayshrine from anywhere at any time at a cost of gold. After you’ve done this, it will cost substantially more to do again. You’ll literally see this amount tick down over time until it reaches the minimum price once again. The cool thing about Wayshrines is that you can travel from one to another free of charge and without restriction, though of course you must have activated it already.

So now that you’re familiar with how they work in PvE, how do they differ in Cyrodiil? Each keep in this zone has a Wayshrine inside it. Like in PvE it has to be activated, but unlike PvE, it takes more than simply walking by to do the job. Your Alliance must own the keep. On top of that, your Alliance must own at least one resource (farm, mine and lumber mills) as well. Once a keep is flagged as “under attack” (much like the contested system in GW2) or all resources around the keep are taken over, the Alliance will lose the ability to fast travel to that keep’s Wayshrine. This is a huge blow to the Alliance as people will now have to travel a minimum of 1 to 2 minutes on horseback to return to the fight after being slain (or choose to rez at their corpse with a debuff).

Why is this good news? A couple big concerns of mine was that death would be meaningless and zerg-forming would be too easy to do.

Death, meaningless? Imagine no restrictions on Wayshrines inside keeps. You’re trying to take over the keep but they seem to have an unending wave of attackers. “What the hell? I’ve killed Doodoo Lemonseeker 4 times already. How’s he keep coming back?” Yeah, that would suck and eventually you’d lose because they have unlimited respawns. Luckily, we know now that if we attack the keep directly, it will be labeled as “under attack” and thus the Wayshrine will be disabled. I should add that we don’t know what it takes to qualify for the “under attack” status, but we assume it’s more than just some random dude running up and tapping the wall with a toothpick. We also know that you can disable keeps’ Wayshrines by taking over the resources around it. This adds even more to the strategy Alliances can take. Why attack a keep directly when it’s at its full strength when you can remove its resources? Not only will it disable the Wayshrine within the keep, but it will make the keep much easier to take over. Because of this, I feel most fights will not actually take place in or around keeps, but at the resources around them.

What’s a zerg? A zerg is a large gathering of players that take over objectives with their sheer numbers rather then any kind of skill or strategy. This is the lowest form of PvP for me. On the individual level, you contribute very little. Sure it works but it’s really not that fun and you’ll miss those small number skirmishes that proves you’re skill above the other’s. So how would Wayshrines dictate the formation of zergs? Assuming there’s zone-wide communication, it would be very easy for people to pick a place to form this zerg and then take off to demolish everything in sight. So without restrictions in fast travel, a zerg could easily form at the keep you’re attacking and then after they wiped the floor with you and your ancestors, they could then proceed to bring the fight to your nearest keep. Ouchies! Luckily, Wayshrines are restricted so we should see at least some deadening of this zerg tactic.

If I’m honest, I still feel there shouldn’t be any Wayshrines in Cyrodiil, except for one in the safe zone (the place you first appear in Cyrodiil within your Alliance’s territory). With mounts, it wouldn’t be that hard to explore and return to the fight and it would make death even more meaningful. I can see though that they may be including them to actually balance PvP. Smaller alliances would really need to get around easier to support their territory.

Anyways, that’s just my unorganized thoughts on Wayshrines in open-world PvP within Cyrodiil.


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  1. Ste-the-Ble May 14, 2013 4:25 pm 

    zerg rushing are fun to an extent, i agree with you though in this type of battleground and game it would throw everything off balance and cause unneeded headaches and tantrums. It all depends on how long it would take me walking to keep to keep. Personally though I’m just going to be that random dude helping out where ever my elf like feet take me.

  2. Snowelf22 May 15, 2013 7:26 pm 

    If there is way shrines in cyrodil I hope they are like inns or bars not like portals or somethin Like that

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