Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – Siege Weapons & Alliance Ranking

New ESO information hits the web this week in the form of a PvP themed Ask Us Anything. Let’s see if we can’t shed some light on a few things and squeeze some delicious info from it’s pages.  Sit back, relax, and let’s talk Elder Scrolls Online.

5 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – Siege Weapons & Alliance Ranking

  • The Human Floyd

    Just before I heard of TESO I said to myself, “Once an MMO comes out that caters to roleplayers, I will play it.” They might not cater to us, but the very fact that it’s Elder Srolls automatically makes them game a little more RP driven than others. I’m not expecting them to do a whole lot for us, but I think it will still be an awesome game for roleplayers. So excited to try first person RP.

    Also, I really wouldn’t worry about the sound. It doesn’t sound echoey or anything to me.

  • Adsew

    You know what else would be awesome? A contract board for players to post items they want of X quantity and also the amount the player who fullfills this would recieve when they return the items to the board. Basically players could make the quests themselves while also getting resources they need. Also players being able to set up shop on their own would be pretty nice. Just set the items you want to sell, set the prices, walk away for a while and see what gets bought. Your dark brother hood contract board reminded me of these ideas and I’ve seen the player shop one done nicely before. Wish they would do something like that!

  • Anonymous

    What is your guesstimation on how TESO will be purchased? Pay2Play/Buy2Play/Free2Play(mo­stlikelynot).

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