Leaked Gameplay Footage and Why It Means Nothing

Hello everyone! Kyle here to discuss the leaked gameplay footage since it’s been a big controversy the past couple days…

First off, please stop sending us links to the video as we have seen it and we do not condone the spreading of such a poor representation of the game. Now that that’s out of the way, please don’t fear that the game is going to suck because of some NDA-breaking, crappy-computer-using, dying-to-a-wolf loser posting a video online. There’s several reasons you shouldn’t take this video seriously.

Let’s start by actually looking at the video’s resolution. By now, most of us have seen some officially sanctioned gameplay and know that the game looks great. This video leak is of very low resolution. Just because a video is labelled as 1080p does not mean it’s HD quality. You can take a 360p video and blow it up to 1080p and guess what happens? It pixelates and looks like crap.  Same goes for this video. It was obviously recorded on a low grade computer or on very low settings. This game was made to work on all kinds of computer setups from 5-year-old laptops to top-tier gaming rigs. We should all know better by now after dozens of peoples’ comparisons to Skyrim and leaked footage from PAX East that this game looks even better than Skyrim. Even in this crap leak, the water was beautiful.

Now let’s move on to the environment. There wasn’t a lot going on in the recording right? A boat, a small town and a few mobs. Kind of deserted, right? Almost like it was…. A FRAKKING DESERT! That’s right! It was a desert zone. As if the Barrens in WoW was full of wondrous things. No, it was called the Barrens for a reason and the same thing is going on here. It’s supposed to be rather empty. Developers have said that the game is eclectic in it’s scenery zone by zone. There will be some zones full of life and some barren zones that don’t have much in it in regards to life and civilization. This is true in the real world so why should it be different in this world?

Alik’r Desert Concept

Let’s look at the actual gameplay of the video. First off, the dude sucked. He was getting owned by a couple of wolves. He should have stuck with the rats on the ship. Also, keep in mind that is was a brand new character with little to show for but level 1 gear and skills. After a few levels and skills, I’m sure there would have been more to do than power attacks and poorly timed blocking.

And finally, IT’S BETA! And not just beta, but early-stages closed beta. There’s still months and months of testing, polishing and optimizing to do before this game is ready. Everyone needs to chill out and take a breath. This game has already proven to look amazing and will look amazing at launch. Instead of pointing out the flaws in this poor quality leaked video, look at the things that matter like the huge customization in character creation, the streamlined UI, the huge amount of options in-game and the system menus. These are what I saw and was more excited after seeing it. I had to re-watch it to see what people were complaining about and then I realized how little these people are informed.

If anything good comes from this, I hope it is that Zenimax will release more sanctioned gameplay that will show all the new doubters that the game does look amazing, plays well and will captivate TES fans and MMO players alike. Now stop harping and watch our lore videos. PEACE!



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