Breakdown: Ask Us Anything – Combat (Part 2)

Hello everyone! Kyle here and I’ll briefly breakdown some of the information that was released on 3-25-13 about combat. Be sure to tune in on Friday as we delve deeper into the article and share both our thoughts on the topics it involves.

So the first question was about armor and if they will be distinguishable from a distance. ZOS answers that all armor types have a distinctive look to them and also all armors have different levels. By this they mean the rarities of the armors that use a bsic MMO coloring system. So white armors are common and generally do not have stats on them. Then there’s green, blue, purple and possible orange. These are just the usual colors and are not yet confirmed in ESO but they have stated there are 5 rarity types. So all of these are supposed to look a little different and as they say “Our goal is certainly to have you be able to tell what armor someone is wearing at a glance, but that’ll come more easily the longer you play because there are so many possible combinations.”


The second question was if there would be ammunition in the game such as arrows or bolts. The quick answer from ZOS was that currently there is no ammo so archers can shoot without limitation on projectiles. I know a lot of you will not like this. Personally, I have no issue with this as it saves time and those awkward situations when you realized you forgot to refill  your quiver and now you’re useless at range. I also hated how other games would require you to use your normal inventory space for ammo instead of giving you a dedicated spot to store arrows like the freaking quiver that’s on your back! Anyways, this will not be a huge deal in the end and will save time that can be used to work on collecting additives for future bow upgrades.

The following question is about whether or not we can move while charging a power attack or if we can move while holding our shield up. For me, this is huge! And I know this is huge for Josh as well because it’s one of the main reasons he couldn’t enjoy TERA Online. They practically cement your character to the ground whenever you swing your massively outdone weapon. ESO will be very different and adds to the fluidity of your character. Indeed you can charge your opponent powering up your attack along the way and then release your mouse button once in range to deal a massive blow. While holding your shield up, you can only walk though and it also burns stamina to do so but this is good as it adds to the tactical thought process of knowing the exact moments to block or to dodge.

The next question was referring to whether your currently equipped weapon’s range would affect the range of your spells on your shortcut bar. ZOS answers saying that spells on the shortcut bar is totally independent from your weapon skills when it comes to range. So having daggers equipped will not limit your fireball to a range of a couple feet. They also go on to clarify that your weapon loadout does not determine your shortcut bar abilities but that each weapon loadout will have a shortcut bar to fill. So say you primary weapon is sword and board and your secondary is a restoration staff and you have all offensive abilities when your sword and board is equipped. When you swap to your restoration staff, you’ll have a new shortcut bar replacing the old one that you can then add more defensive or healing abilities to. This way swapping from weapon to weapon will also change your skill loadout as well making hybrid players very happy.


Yay! The next question really pertains to me as Dar’Turok will be a Nightblade assassin. The question was about sneaking and how it will be implemented. ZOS confirms once again that sneaking will be similar to Skyrim in that it uses the same indication system with the eye-shaped symbol that replaces the crosshairs and it also says “Hidden” under that. They also confirm that damage bonuses for sneak attacks are in the game so a big HOORAY! from me on that one. They go on to explain disguises in the game that use a similar detection system but says “Disguised” instead of hidden under the crosshairs.

A person asks if each skill will have a perk tree accompanying it. ZOS answers by saying that once you unlock a spell or skill, you will then be able to see every passive and active abilities that can be unlocked by mastering the spell or skill. They also say that you won’t have every spell or skill available to you initially since many require some action to unlock it like joining the Mages Guild to unlock the Necromancy skill line.

A PvP oriented question was next and asked if a healer has a chance at becoming Emperor or if they won’t gain enough Alliance Points because of the lack of DPS. ZOS gave a sort of cop out answer in my mind stating that though you’re healing, you can still do a lot of damage but you can still gain Alliance Points from healing and still become Emperor as a healer. While it was nice to know that healing gains AP, it’s pretty doubtful that we’ll be seeing a healer top the AP chart. Not impossible mind you but very doubtful.


Ohhhhh I love this next question and answer. The person asks ZOS if most of the abilities are just about damage or if they are more about utilities like stuns or disarms. ZOS answers stating that most of their skills are about utility over damage which is amazing and adds so much tactics to this game. They go on to say that there are some skills that do more damage during situations like attacking a stunned target with this spell will cause more damage. Continuing ZOS mentions that most skills will be used for their situational utilities like summoning a pet on use, healing or stunning all adding effects to your attacks besides just damage. Though not noted, I just wanted to mention that many of these will have to be selected as your skills level and evolve. You’ll be able to choose some of these utilities for each abilities, tailoring your skills to your preferred playstyle.

The next sad question was from a person who has not played a TES game before. That poor, sad sad individual. He asks if not knowing the backstory would hinder their experience in the game. ZOS answers saying no previous knowledge is required to enjoy ESO.

Is an arrow to the knee a killing blow? – By Smittyj Ryan Smith

Only in Star Trek VI.

Wow! Haha.

Many questions rolled into one as a person asks if you can block with other items besides shields, if blocking blocks all damage or not mitigates it and if ranged projectiles can be blocked. ZOS says that we can block with all weapons but the shield is the most effective at it. Blocking does mitigate damage instead of making you immune to it and having no stamina will drastically lower the mitigation. Physical and magic projectiles can be blocked but actual spells will go right through which is why spell interrupting it a thing in ESO. Of course, you’ll have to get in range to do so.

A person asks how having such a small amount of abilities on the shortcut bar will be able to keep combat engaging. ZOS says to think of combat in ESO as it is in Skyrim or Oblivion instead of other MMOs. Every fight is about making sure your current loadout will handle the job effectively. Yes, you’re limited to 6 abilities but you can change those at anytime out of combat and swapping weapons can also add another 6 abilities as the bar changes with the weapon. This system worked in Guild Wars and ZOS will make sure it works in their game.


What type of crowd controls does ESO have is the next question brought up. For those that don’t know what crowd controls are, they are abilities that hinder or keep enemies from being as effective as they can by the use of snares, mind control, pushbacks, knockdowns and others. They are all designed to “control” your opponent. ZOS answers by saying that there will indeed be CCs in  ESO but that all players will be able to break out of them assuming they have the stamina to do so. They also gain a short immunity to CCs afterward which will hopefully avoid the “stun-locked” situation us veteran MMO players despise.

Will there be sparse areas in ESO that require advanced exploration to find things is the final question brought up by a fan. The answer from ZOS is that all zones in ESO will have its high density areas full of monsters and loot and then more barren areas that will require plenty of exploration to find all of the hidden goodies it has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed the break down. As stated, we will be covering this in more detail on Friday’s show so be sure to check the channel then!



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