Elder Scrolls Online Weekly – PAX EAST & Press Event Updates (Round 2)

Due to the massive amount of new Elder Scrolls Online info oozing our of the internet at the moment we have plenty of updates for your this Friday.  New info on dungeons, questing, 50+ content, crafting, and much much more. Expect more info still to come as PAX EAST begins today. Kyle and I will have our hears to glued to the ground for you all.


  1. tangible March 23, 2013 1:43 am 

    Being a German, I have to say, I didn’t get that last name. It really was uncomprehendable. But one of you inherited some German? Thought you two were brothers? Half brothers?

    Anyway, skipping to the important stuff. That thing with the apple. I’ve never done that. And that’s such a good idea. I have to do it. I want to do it now, but my RAM-stick broke down yesterday and I have to wait until the warranty procedure is through… Dammit.. Can’t play Skyrim, but that idea is so William Tell. Love it.

  2. Audra aka Audie March 23, 2013 3:30 am 

    Heyyyyyy youuu guys! (Couldn’t resist the Goonies reference) thanks so much for putting so much work into bringing us the Elder Scrolls Updates, I get excited when I see the tell pop up from my email, “ding” good news and entertaining at that. This week was was great news overload, and by the way… The epic mini clip montage was awesome ( Tyrians slaps are the best of coarse, I love to see the “Step Brothers” dramatic drum music when introducing confrontational content (lol). You discussed choice consequences in the last video and I am one that enjoys seeing my actions really affecting my environment and was curious on your take on alignment concerning mmo’s. One of my favorite games is the Fable series, which was all about making choices that change your world drastically. Example you choose to kill someone and your alignment starts to scale toward evil and affects your appearance and how you can interact with npcs, even unlocking interactions where you could coerce people to give you money; or alternatively if your alignment is good you unlocked abilities to ask for money and people give you it because they like you. I’m not sure how other people would like a system like that or want alignment to change avatar appearance (sunken eyes, horns, etc) but I like the ability of more choice and consequences via my characters actions. In addition Fable had fun options with npc interactions, I have to admit that even I have flirted with the large breasted oak field bar wench (don’t tell my husband) or I can gamble my money away at the taverns and get other npcs drunk. I love these fun time wasters and when Elder scrolls introduced marriage, kids, and house plots, I was a happy bunny because it stepped closer to more npc interaction. Do you think that there is room in mmo’s to start seeing more guilty pleasures like this? Would you like to see character alignment in ESO?

  3. Andarlos March 23, 2013 8:51 pm 

    As always great video! I was wondering what your thoughts were on throwing items, such as knives (and maybe axes)? For example, in Skyrim, your (assassin-)character could take out some “hard to sneak up to”-bad guys with a pair of throwing daggers. I think that it would be cooler if you’d throw your dragonbone dagger(s), for example, instead of having a standalone throwing-weapon, so that you’d end up having a limit ammunition compared to the countless of arrows that you can bring with you. Hope this explaination wasn’t too difficult, but because english isn’t my mothertongue I don’t have to speak/write logical english. Have a nice day! This has been Andarlos 😛

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