More Info on the Megaserver and Ranged Targeting

What’s a Megaserver and Won’t Things Get Crowded?

The megaserver is a large group of servers networked together to work as one server. It can host millions of people at a time. People will be separated into server phases, or group phases, that will limit the amount of people you see on your screen. So there could be 10,000 people in the same area as you but you’d only see a few people. They separate you into groups based on 3 things and in the order: guild list, friends list and like-minded gamers. They determine who is like-minded from a short survey you take after creating your character. It will ask things like: Do you like to play in groups or solo? Do you prefer PvP or PvE? Do you like raiding? So no, things will not get crowded.

Cyrodiil and PvP is another thing as things are meant to get crowded there. Cyrodiil will be broken down into ‘campaigns’. You will belong to one of these campaigns and again, you will be separated into them by the same 3 things but in a larger scale as your guild will be grouped with other guilds. You can swap between campaigns but not as freely as you can in PvE’s phases. Supposedly, it may cost something to do so, not cash money but possibly some kind of Alliance Point penalty or something else along those lines.

Hope this helps.

How Does Ranged Targeting Work

I know there’s still some confusion about targeting and how ranged combat will work in ESO. So I’ll try to clear it up a bit here.

There is no traditional “hard-lock” system in the game as far as we know. What is hard-locking? Think about WoW and how you could not even be facing your target but if you have them selected, your fireball or whatever will hit like a homing missile. There isn’t anything as drastic as that in ESO.

Instead of hard-locking, there is a “soft-lock” system implemented. So what’s the difference? As we know, ESO is a reticle based game, so as you move your mouse, the reticle will move around and you can place that on your foe. This soft-lock feature will allow for a little leeway when attemting to shoot with an arrow or fireball. This little bit of aim-assisting is necessary to account for any server lag where the player you’re shooting at could be a little bit off from what you’re seeing and where the server sees you’re foe. Don’t think this means your arrows can home in on your target even if you’re shooting East and they are North of you. You’re reticle will have to be on or very near your target so there is very much still free-form aiming.

Tab-targeting is still in this game as well. It servers a couple purposes. The first is some what of a tooltip as it displays limited information about your target like health and a nameplate and will also help distinguish your target from other similar looking targets. The second thing is to help target your apponent should hit be directly on top of another player or within a very tight group of other enemies.

It should also be noted that even when an enemy is tab-targeted, if another enemy runs infront of your shot, you will hit that enemy instead. We don’t know if there is piercing in the game, so it may or may not still hit your intentional target but we do know that enemy who ran infront will indeed be hit. This could come in handy in a PvE senario with an offtank jumping infront of a dying main tank to help absorb damage from an enemy archer.

Hope this clears up any confusion you may have had. If not, I recommend you listen to Elder Scrolls – Off the Record’s Community Spotlight where they speak with the co-founders of Tamriel Foundry.


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