15 Reasons to be Interested in… Star Citizen

Do you like a game you can bury yourself in?  A game that walks the line of realism and immersion so well that you completely- and utterly loose yourself in it’s universe?  Do you like that thought of exploring space and knowing that no matter how much you explore there will always be more out there?  Would you like to have the choice to play your game alone, with friends, or with strangers kinda of like an MMO?  You do?  Good, we’re one in the same.  Here are the 15 reasons why you should shed off the chains of this world to explore the boundless frontier of space in the upcoming simulator, Star Citizen.


#1. By the Gamers for the Gamers – It’s an understatement when I say Star Citizen is a game a lot of gamers seem to give a damn about. When Star Citizen was looking for funding it was turned down by the major game publishers, but fund raising via their website and Kickstarter, brought this game into reality.  As a matter of fact, it’s gamers like you that made Star Citizen the number one crowd-funded game project- ever; with over $4.2 million raised on Kickstarter alone.  That was 210% of the project’s original goal.  Today, Star Citizen has been backed by more than 105,000 gamers with over $7,322,000 raised and counting.  Nerds everywhere have spoken!  It’s about time for another good space sim.

#2. The Developer – Wouldn’t you say the most important thing about a game, is the person who makes it.  Let’s see how old of a gamer you are.  I’m going to say a name and you tell me if you know who this person is.  Chris Roberts.  So did it ring a bell?  For me it didn’t, but it should have.  Chris Roberts is the guy who made all these games… each epic in their own right, space sims is what made Roberts a gaming legend.  So, what did this god amongst developers do with his gift?  He quit, or rather he took a break to make some movies, but now he’s back!  And he’s ready to bring us another spectacular title.  Make no mistake!  I’ve read this guys Wikipedia page, so I know for a fact this game is in good hands.

Star Citizen Spaceport


#3. Immersion – This game is first and foremost about immersion- and rightly so, being a space simulator.  Above all Star Citizen aims to make you feel like a space pilot.  When you are sitting in the cockpit of your star ship you meant to feel a deep sense of realism.  Whether you’re pitching left or firing turrets, your virtual hands will mimic your every move.  How easy it is for me to put myself in the shoes of my character has always been important to me in video games.  So, watching game-play footage like this- yeah, it gets me all wet.

#4. Detail and Graphics – One of my buddies tell me playing video games for graphics is like watching porn for it’s storyline.  It’s true, good graphics aren’t the most important thing about a game, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them.  Hear me when I say, Star Citizen does not have good graphics.  Star Citizen has amazing graphics.  Sorry consoles, but you’ve been holding technology back for far too long.  PCs sit on the throne of innovation.  Don’t mistake this for my opinion, this is fact- plan and simple.  Chris Roberts has that special place in my heart, because he doesn’t only recognize this, but he builds his game around it.  Star Citizen’s level of detail has been described as 10 times the amount found in today’s AAA titles.  Pilots, fighters, and cruisers look good; and it has everything to do with the fact that they are rendered in 10 times the amount of polygons.  It’s like the difference between glasses and no glasses, standard definition and high def.  All this, on the CryEngine 3, which you might recognize from the visual masterpiece that is Crysis.

#5. Physics – Physics aren’t often cited as a reason to be interested in anything, but bare with me- I’ll try to make it sound exciting. Sir Isac Newton himself would play this game, that’s because in this game mass, force and energy all have real effects on how your ship hurls itself through space.  Your ships are equipped with thrusters and engines and are all linked to a computer that helps the pilot navigate through space. You can enjoy the realism as you see these thrusters rotate and engines roar as they produce yaw, pitch and roll.  These realistic flight physics will no doubt add an extra layer of authenticity.  I like authenticity.

#6. Range of Scale – Whenever a game comes along that offer a true range of scale I applaud them.  So many games now-a-days take the easy out and give you these awesome vistas and massive structures that really are only good to look at.  You can’t really go to those places, or stand on those structures.  It’s cardboard- counterfeit.  Star Citizen recognizes their game won’t survive with such cheap tricks.  I’m not just looking at a 1km long carrier, I get to get out and walk around on this thing.  I can run the length of the hangar.  I can stand on the bridge, and everything is proportioned to my 1.8M tall little dude.  If that’s not good enough, we’re promised all this- with not a single loading screen in-between.  Behold ladies and gentleman- the power of PC.

Star Citizen Spaceport Scale

Limitless Space & Limitless Play

#7. Single Player, Multi-player, MMO? – The most unique thing about this game for me, is all the different ways it can be played.  While Star Citizen does feature a single-player campaign, it also boasts a cooperative mode where you can fly alongside friends and explore the galaxy together.  I can even fly a battle cruiser and have a group of friends manning the turrets, shields, and engines- helping me to live out my Star Trek fantasies.  On top of all this, Star Citizen will host a server of their own that everyone can join.  So whether you’re the space explorer that would rather have at it alone, or the PvP junkie that would like nothing better than to test their resolve against others in massive space battles; there’s something here for everyone.

#8. Sandbox – Nothing says “limitless” like a sandbox game, expect maybe space.  There are those of us who love the thrill of exploration, and few titles manage to do it right.  If Star Citizen simulates space, shouldn’t it be boundless?  Shouldn’t it reward exploration in a meaningful way?  It aims to do just that.  For example, some of you will  find your fortune in the stars by stumbling across a large asteroid field full of precious metals.  Map the location and sell it on the market.  Those of you who have played EVE Online know exactly how this system works.  Charting black holes and investigating anomalies in space is freaking fun.

#9. Effecting Meaningful Change – What’s the point in having a sandbox if you can’t effect meaningful change?  I’d be like telling a kid in a literal sandbox that he can’t build a sand castle.  Everyone wants to feel like what they do matters in a game; however, so many multi-player games fail utterly in this.  I’m sure many of you have played an MMO where the developers try and make you believe you’ve made an impact on the world, when really- you’ve only done what a thousand people have done already- and a thousand more will do after you are gone.  It’s this fake persona of importance, that really just makes me sick.  Don’t insult my intelligence, give me meaningful ways to leave my mark on this virtual world, or let me be on my way.  Star Citizen has a rare opportunity since they are dealing with the vastness of space, and they’re looking to embrace it.  As a traveler of stars if you discover a new system no one has journeyed to before you become a permanent part of the Star Citizen universe.  You will get to name that system after yourself.  Talk about incentive for exploration.  My only concern is the guy whose avatar’s name is something like “Lovesanus”, will we go probing in the “Lovesanus” system?  Chris, please have something in place to prevent this.

#10. Bi-Weekly Updates – Do you want to know the thing that really pisses me off about subscription based MMOs?  They make you pay $15 a month with the promise of new content.  You’d think with the millions of dollars backing them, MMOs like WoW would be able to afford to hire a big enough team to release content, not every couple months, but every week.  This blatant price gouging pisses me the hell off, and it should piss you off.  Let me make it clear now, Star Citizen doesn’t have a subscription fee.  Not only does it not have a subscription fee, but the developers will be adding content via micro updates- not every few months- but every week or two.  Just like real space, Star Citizen will see an ever expanding cosmos.

#11. Embracing Player Mods – Speaking of expansion, I have always been a fan of the modding community.  Nothing extends the life of a video game like a nurturing a healthy modding community.  Take a look at your game shelf for perfect examples.  Fallout 3, Morrowind, Team Fortress 2.  They all thrive and live well beyond their years because of the power of mods.  Seriously guys, where would we be without Skyrim’s nude mods?  We’d all be forced to get these “real life” girlfriends I’ve heard so much about.  Chris Roberts has made it clear that he will be promoting the modding community with more than just tools.  He talks about giving modders the opportunity to host their own private servers to use as a kind of playground.  In addition, if a mod has what it takes to be a part of the main server (say someone designs a kick ass ship), it will be implemented and available for purchase by the public- and the modder will receive the rewards.  I can’t wait to see the modding community grow around this game, and I look forward to supporting them.

Star Citizen CUTLASS Black Martin

Combat & Customization

#12. Character Choice – The signature of a non-linear game is choice.  The freedom to be who you want to be and kill who you want to kill.  Star Citizen looks to put fate in your own hands by not forcing you into the “one-size-fits all” mentality.  This can be most readily seen in how they are approaching character customization. Remember that single-player campaign I mentioned?  Apparently, that is a military campaign that is completely optional.  If the military life doesn’t suit your play-style, maybe the life of an explorer or business man sounds more to your liking?  Maybe you’re a scumbag like me whose scifi fantasy is leading a band of renegades against mining operations for easy credits.  Decide now on the man you want to be, because in Star Citizen, anything goes.

#13. In-depth Ship Customization – If Borderlands is a game for gun porn, then Star Citizen is a game for ship porn. From what I’ve seen, ship customization in Star Citizen is elaborate, to say the least.  A ton of attention has been given to the different load-outs you can choose for your ship, making your space-faring vessel truly unique.  Will you be looking to make an honest living in the stars?  Make a properly modified mining vessel with a large cargo hold and powerful engines.  I look forward to plundering you in a fast ship that can pack a quick punch and get away with the booty.  Oooh yeah, I look forward to tweaking my pirate ship to perfection in Star Citizen.

#14. Realistic Space Combat – In the past, space combat was made swallow with generic hull and shield meters.  Star Citizen preaches realism, and it reflects in the way your ship takes damage.  Taking a hit from an enemy turret will have serious consequences.  Should one of your thrusters take a direct hit your maneuverability will be compromised.  Imagine for a second the extra layer of authenticity this will bring to combat.  Just like real nautical vessels, space battles will be fought and won by the strategic planners rather than the biggest guns.  Positioning yourself correctly in a combat situation will help protect vital systems, and will keep you in the fight longer- or, in the case of the miner or hauler- help you get away quicker.  This excites me because I enjoy the game that doesn’t boil down to numbers and firepower.  This excites me for the same reason I choose Battlefield over Call of Duty.  More often than not, the victor isn’t chosen by the guy with the quickest reflexes or biggest guns, but by the thinker, the planner,  the military strategist.

Star Citizen enemy fighter

Virtual Reality

#15. Oculus Rift Integration – Thus we arrive at reason number 15, in a category all it’s own.  Oculus Rift Integration. For those who are not familiar, virtual reality.  Imagine sitting there turning your head about in a fully rendered cockpit.  Star Citizen has backed and supported the Oculus Rift, the premier virtual reality platform that is said by many to be the future of the gaming industry.  Although the Oculus Rift has yet to hit the consumer market, when it does- I look forward to the money throwing my money at to experience my life long dream of virtual reality gaming- and I’m glad to know I’ll be putting it to good use a proper simulator like Star Citizen.

Ladies, mostly gentlemen; are you horny for Star Citizen?  I know I am.  The more look at this game the more I realize it might well be the game that revives this beloved genre.  A space simulator that you can experience on a realistic and engaging level.  A game, that you can loose yourself in.  I hope I’ve been able to offer you some insight on this upcoming title.  If you’re hyped for this game like me, be sure to share it with your friends.  I hear space gets lonely, and you might want someone to share it with.  If you liked the video format be sure to ‘like’, and more importantly, subscribe for more.



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