Poll Results – We’ll Give ESO a Chance and GW2 Players Have Lives

elder scrolls online poll buying ESOThe Elder Scrolls Online is a game you won’t want to miss, at least according to the popular vote.  47% of you guys will find the gag image above from GamesRadar offensive, and you should.  We have more than enough evidence that the Elder Scrolls Online will be anything but a WoW clone.  For one, NO MORE COOLDOWNS on abilities.  For years spell and ability cooldown times have kept your eyes trained on your skill bar.  The Elder Scrolls Online Skyrim-like combat will free us all.  Cast that fireball all you want, you are only limited by your magicka.

In any case, I’ll spare you the arguments in favor of ESO until my next video.  In the meantime watch this Alpha Review video by Jesse Cox (long time WoW player).  It’s the video that got me all wet for Elder Scrolls Online.  Any long time MMO vets will find it equally satisfying…

Now on to Guild Wars 2.  November 15th saw the Lost Shores update.  We saw many updates, but my personal favorite was the new sPvP map.  Oh, right and there was this “Lost Shores” event that 50% of us didn’t even get the chance to participate in apparently.  Honestly I think this just illustrates the fact that in-game events should run longer.  When 50% of Guild Wars 2 players have lives, I think it only necessary.

The real kicker though is that 25% of you would rather be tearing out your own finger nails.  Um- ouch…

guild wars 2 poll lost shore event


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