How Stealth Works In The Elder Scrolls Online

Is there an Elder Scrolls player out there that does not like to level their stealth?  Crouching my way to slit throats has always been a signature of TES for me.  How about pairing stealth with pickpocketing, guys you know what I’m talking about, why imagine a girl naked when you can remove her bra without her even noticing?  If only real li- never mind.  Suffice it to say stealth is very important to me and the Elder Scrolls Online best get it right.

ESO Stealth Combat Screenshot

Nothing makes you feel like an assassin like having to worry about the lighting in a room, or the types of boots you are wearing.  The depth of the stealth system in TES is not something found in MMOs.  On the contrary, MMO stealth couldn’t be more simplistic and dull.  Hit the button and *POOF* you are a god dang Houdini.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some good times with my rogue in WoW, but *in Lucien Lachance’s seductive voice* where is the art in it?  It should make you sick dear brother…

The Elder Scrolls Online is attempting something no other MMO has up to this point.  Zenimax seems to understand that stealth is a pretty intricate part of the Elder Scrolls.  As such every player in ESO will have the Divine-given-right to crouch and try their skills as a thief.  This is welcomed news for the fans who know that that sort of class flexibility should come standard with any game wishing to sit on the TES thrown.

Details about the stealth system in the Elder Scrolls Online are scarce at the moment.  From the screenshot above we can deduce that it will be a crouch based system like we’re used to.  What we have heard is that wearing heavy armor will make stealth difficult due to the loud noise it makes.  This is great, because it lines up perfectly with what we would expect.

It’s plain to see that ESO will have to break away somewhat from the traditional Elder Scrolls stealth system where we have real players to take into account.  We will have to at least have that predator camouflage effect going on.  But hold on a sec.  Let’s engage our brains a bit and think outside the conventional MMO, because if there is anything we don’t want the Elder Scrolls Online to be, it’s a conventional MMO.

What if we changed the Stealth Formula with ESO?

What if you couldn’t simply stealth yourself in broad daylight?  What if stealth was more tactical and only limited to indoor spaces and starlight?  Sure, couch in a well-lite area, but you will stay visible until you walk under the shadow of a tree, or step indoors.  If every player has the ability to become one with the shadows, why not force us to be more tactful with it?  Imagine during PVP having to “check your corners” when walking into a dark space. Players would be forced to find shadowy places when setting up an ambush or good defensive position.  Think what you will about it, but Nocturnal would agree with me.


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