Elder Scrolls Online – Armor Types and Their Passive Abilities

Putting Old Habits Behind Us

When you think about armor types in games such as WoW and GW2, typically you are limited to one type: those being light, medium or heavy. In The Elder Scrolls Online though, they throw that restriction out of the window and allow you to wear any type you wish. This allows for an immense amount of customization.

Nord Armor Style

Passive Abilities of Armor Types

Another thing that sets ESO apart from other MMOs, in regards to armor, is the fact that each type of armor has passive abilities that you can gain by leveling with that armor type on. As with Skyrim, each armor type has its strengths such as light armor for magic, medium for stamina and heavy for health. The same holds true for ESO as passive abilities, such as health regeneration, are based upon which set you have on and have leveled. What I can speculate is that this system will go even further. Much like Skyrim, there are certain traits that correspond to particular pieces of armor like boots for muffled movement and gloves for increased melee damage and I think this will be true with the passive abilities. So what you will see are stealth mages wearing leather boots and gloves to increase melee damage and stealth abilities with a light armor cowl to boost magika regeneration and possibly heavy pants and chest for an increased health pool.

Dunmer Armor Style

Huge Amount of Customization

Now this next bit is speculative and is only based on screenshots and gameplay footage, most of which is from the Ebonheart Pact portion of the game. If you’ve seen these videos, you will have seen Spartan type helms, horned iron helms and scaled armors with cowls. Looking at that footage mixed with the screenshots, I’ve come to the conclusion that those armor sets are racial sets. If this is true, this means that not only will there be the normal sets we are used to, such as daedric, dwarven and glass, but racial armor sets like the horned helm of the Nords, the scaled armors of the Argonians and the Spartan styles of the Dark Elves. This, on top of the passive bonuses of armors, will mean a HUGE amount of customization not only for looks but for the builds the players use.

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