Guild Wars 2 Problems

Guild Wars 2 is an amazing game. There’s no doubt about that. It has brought MMO’s to a new level with exciting action oriented combat, a simplified UI, an advanced trading system and an interesting story that is delivered in a new type of questing system. That being said though, there are some things Guild Wars 2 has done wrong or could have at least improved upon.

So in this post, I will go over the things I feel ArenaNet got wrong and can improve on. Let’s start with the main way GW2 handles dialog. ANet decided on a method where our character faces the NPC is a dramatized conversation with concept style backgrounds. Though interesting at first, it soon becomes apparent how immersion-breaking it really is. It breaks the pace of your questing and puts in you a sense that you’re no longer in danger since you’re invulnerable at this time. I feel a better way to have handled the dialog may have been to keep you within the game and allow the NPC to talk to you quite like how it happens already with the dialog boxes you see when clicking on an NPC, fully voiced of course. And when they have 3-way conversations, why not have the second NPC come running up to you like they already do in-game when an NPC comes to tell you of a nearby event. This will allow you to handle things like inventory management, checking your trading post entries or chatting with your guildies. And what if a random mob comes running up? Allow the NPC to engage along with you. It keeps the pace live, keeps the immersion factor and allows you to multitask. Doesn’t that sound nice?

The leveling system is easier than most. Since the time needed to level from 79 to 80 is relatively the same as 9-10, it makes leveling rather quick. By way have a leveling system at all? If the game is about exploring and leveling the way you wish, then why bind us to specific zones until we are high enough to move on? We get down-leveled when entering a lower leveled zone so what’s the point of leveling? The skill points are a great idea and probably should have been added to events and taking down champion mobs. This way you still would have to unlock utilities and maybe use the same system on unlocking traits. The point is, for a game like this, having a leveling system doesn’t make much sense.

The questing system in this game is great as it is, but it could have been better. Once you’ve entered a subzone, all events currently active are displayed on the map and I haven’t seen a way to disable this. Displaying the event isn’t the bad thing, but describing the event is a bit lame. It ruins the exploring aspect a bit. I know what you’re saying, “Just don’t hover your cursor over it.” And I suppose you’re right, but they could have simply made an option to not show any information. As for the Renowned Events, I feel they handled these pretty well. You can avoid Scout NPCs and that way the heart quests won’t be shown to you.

Now I won’t touch the “end-game controversy.” I personally think there is end-game, just not enough currently. As I’m writing this, there is news of a new event that will be happening in November. I personally think it will be the unveiling of the next dragon awakening from the sea. I just hope GW2 doesn’t pull a SWTOR and take forever to release new content. The past shows that ANet is pretty quick and liberal about releasing new content so I’m not so worried. Give me 10-man dungeons and low level ones as well.

So those are just the main problems I have with the game. The rights outweigh the wrongs by far so don’t get me wrong with this post. I love this game and will continue to play it even after I find another MMO (*cough* Elder Scrolls Online), since it is subscription free. Do you readers have some problems with GW2? Do you agree with any I have stated? Do you think I’m a nutjob? Leave a comment below and make yourself known!



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