Guild Wars 2 Lore Trivia Game Dragons and Capital Cities

This week’s Guild Wars 2 Lore Trivia Game features 5 Dragon lore related questions, and 5 questions about the game’s capital cities. For best viewing experience answer the questions below the best you can.  Then check your answers and see if you outdid us!  If you did- screw you.

Question 1: Today Tyria is under siege by the Elder Dragons.  Their previous cycle of awakening where Tyria saw this kind of destruction happened how long ago?

a)10,000 years ago
b)22,000 years ago
c)30,000 years ago
d)11,000 years ago

Question 2: Each of the newly awakened dragons holds a tie to a certain “element”. Name those 5 elements! (Pop culture hint: For starters think like the Avatar. Then, like Glenn.  Then, like our favorite professor, Walter White)

Question 3: Which once slumbering dragon was mistaken by the Asura for a statue simply emitting a high amount of magical energy?


Question 4: They’ve represented the royal Family’s Elite guard for 2 and a half centuries.  Kryta’s their home.  Who are they?

a)The Wardens
b)The Crimson Shield
c)The Shining Blade
d)The Seraph

Question 5: Lion’s Arch was destroyed once but it has been rebuilt by mercenaries and corsairs.  My question for you is, who “officially” rules Lion’s Arch today?

a)The Captain’s Council
b)The Lion Corsairs
c)Commodore Lawson
d)A Lion

Question 6: The Black Citadel, home of the Charr legions, was built on top of what part of old Ascolon?

a)Nolani Academy
b)The Settlement of Rin
c)The Great Northern Wall
d)King Adelbern’s Corpse

Question 7: “Hoelbrak” translated means:

a)“Cavern of Noise”
b)“Lasting Feast”
c)“Den of Bears”
d)“Great Hall”

Question 8: True or False. Hundreds of years ago the Grove, which serves as the current capital of the best race in the game, was in fact the location of a centaur village.

Question 9: Elona was once one of the four human kingdoms.  It has since fallen to the undead lich, Palawa Joko. Elona is also sometimes referred to as…

a)Land of the Crimson Sun
b)Land of the Ivory Sun
c)Land of the Golden Sun
d)The Sunshine State

Question 10: “Rata Sum”, the capital city of the ingenious Asura, translates to:

a)“I have calculated”
b)“Not doubtful”
c)“Through Minds Rule”
d)“Clever Ways”


Answer Sheet

A1: over 11,000 years ago

A2: Fire, Water, Ice, Undead, and Crystal

A3: Primordus

A4: Shining Blade

A5: Captain’s Council or Commodore Lawson Marrine

A6: The settlement Rin

A7: “Cavern of Noise”

A8: False

A9: Land of the Golden Sun

A10: “I have calculated”

Thanks for playing!  So are you a Guild Wars 2 lore master, or do you suck?  Post your results in the comments below and see how you measure up.

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