Fallout New Vegas The Survivalist

FALLOUT Lore: Volume 5 – The Survivalist

Zion National Park was a nice place to visit back before the war, a valley where folk came to turn off their PIP Boys and pretend they were “Roughing it”. Some of the people in the back when times didn’t...
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Community Corner

Community Corner: Mass Effect Lore – Geth

If you have a knack for writing and would like to be featured here, Please send your best examples  here. Keep in mind that you do not have to format your submissions as we do our own scripts. (i.e. “Well, to get...
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Fallout 3 Lore History Call of Krivbeknih

FALLOUT Lore: Volume 4 – Call of Krivbeknih

A long time ago in a far-off land there was a war in which brother fought against brother for the fate of a nation. When the soldiers from the North captured men from the South, they took them to a...
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Dragon Age Inquisition Lore - Blight

Dragon Age Inquisition Lore: Ch.7 – The Blight

In the Battle of Ostagar, King Cailan thought the Darkspawn threat nothing more than a crowd of warring beasts. His army was decimated; Cailan was slaughtered and his corpse hung as trophy. Year 12 of the Exalted age: Antivan King...
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Dragon Age Inquisition Lore - Religion

Dragon Age Inquisition Lore: Ch.6 – Religion

Religion and identity intertwine in the eyes of many Thedosians, whether their own practice or the practices of others. Some values dissociate with the everyday livelihoods of its followers, while others’ constantly interject. Whether life is managed by deity or...
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Fallout 3 Lore History Point Lookout DLC

FALLOUT Lore: Volume 3 – Point Lookout

When the Great War destroyed civilization, humanity’s petty rivalries died along with the people who harbored them. From the leaders of nations right down to neighbors squabbling over their gardens, the voices went silent when the bombs fell. But there...
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Dragon Age Inquisition Lore - Magic

Dragon Age Inquisition Lore: Ch.5 – Magic

Magic is celebrated. Magic is hated. While one can set fire to a village, another can cure the most fatal of wounds. It can save countless lives, or serve as a powerful catalyst for the most depraved acts. Magic is...
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Dragon Age Inquisition Lore - Nations

Dragon Age Inquisition Lore: Ch.4 – The Nations

The most powerful nations in Thedas are ruled by humans. Dwarves, Elves, and Qunari are not necessarily considered lesser races, but it is undeniable that humans dominate the lands. For years, human ambition has changed hands and forced borders to...
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Fallout 3 Lore History The Pitt DLC

FALLOUT Lore: Volume 2 – The Pitt

The Mojave has to worry about slavers from the Legion capturing folk. But at least when you’re grabbed by the Legion, you know where you’re heading. Out East in the Capital Wasteland there are plenty of slavers, but it seems...
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