Fallout 1 2 3 Lore History

FALLOUT Lore: Ch.18 – The Storyteller

The Great War happened over two hundred years ago, and the people who remember the days before the bombs fell are fewer in number each year. Ghouls, brains in jars, alien abductees, and a handful of pre-war tycoons who had...
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She exists as an incarnation of the void that is Oblivion, shrouded in enigma and secrecy…she is the Daughter of Twilight, and the Empress of Murk…she is Nocturnal, the one whose sphere of influence is darkness and night. Nocturnal is...
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Dragon Age Origins Story Lore

Dragon Age: Origins Story and Lore

Here is a story of treason and unlikely alliances. A story of how one unsuspecting hero would unite a nation, and deliver them from certain doom. The ruins of Ostagar. Its battle-trodden structures speak of a conflict long past, yet...
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